HOW-TO: Duplicate Pages in Quality Assurance without rescanning

This feature will help save time by avoiding re-scans of images that have already been captured.

Configuration Steps:

  1. Select the “Page” to be duplicated
  2. Right-mouse click and select “Copy”
  3. Select the destination point of your “Copied” page
  4. Select “Paste”
  5. Select where  you want the “Copy” to go (i.e. “Insert Page Before”,” Insert Page After”, etc.)


  1. Either create a new Batch or access a Batch in the Quality Assurance step
  2. Select the “Page” icon representing the image requiring duplication
  3. Right-mouse click and select “Copy”
  4. Select the destination point of your “Copied” page
  5. Right-mouse click and select the “Paste” option that fits the situation

Next Steps: 

  1. Please note that this feature is only exists in the Quality Assurance step, and there is currently no keyboard shortcuts are available.